Following are 10 realizations/observations that I have made.

1.  If everyone stopped moving simultaneously, time would stop

2.  No body is smart enough to understand why negative times negative is positive

3.  Everyone thinks that every one else is a party animal. People like to believe that they are better than the ‘other’ people that party.

4.  The rate at which time passes increases as time moves on

5.  People that you think are bad and those that you look down at are people that you don’t really know

6.  Subtraction is an illusion. Its really just the addition of negative numbers

7.  You need faith to be an atheist

8.  The perfect soul mate you are looking for does not exist

9.  Due to the conservation of momentum, it is possible for you to fart your way through space.

10.  Lowering your expectations and standards is the key to happiness