This incident is really reminds be about the uncertainty of life and the reality of death which we are all heedless of. You’re standing at the platform waiting for the train and next thing you know, you almost loose your child. I mean seriously, just imagine what the mother went through for those few minutes where she thought her child was crushed underneath the train. Imagine being in those shoes for a few seconds. I would have just collapsed right there. I am having a hard time looking at the video.

This also reminds me how little control we have over our lives. Its a miracle that the baby survived. No one would have expected that, not the mother nor any of the people standing. We like to think we’re in control, but really nothing lies in our hands. It really reminds me that God alone is the one capable of protecting and He’s in control. We can’t even control our heart beats, let alone other things. We really ought to humble ourselves.