I recently heard this guy at school goin on and on about how he doesn’t believe in God or the concept of an all-knowing God who has knowledge of the future. He argued that instead he believes in the principle of uncertainty and that everything is randomized. This guy was debating quite confidently in a very cool and calm manner and it seemed like he had really thought about what he was saying.

I thought about what this guy said and later realized an obvious contradiction in this belief. If one believes in the principle of uncertainty then one can’t be certain about the non-existence of God as being absolutely certain about anything would violate the principle of uncertainty! I think many atheists realize this which is why I’ve seen adds that read ‘There probably is no God’ as opposed to ‘There is no God’.

The theological and philosophical implications of the principle of uncertainty are quite profound. People’s faith in God often weakens because of this principle as it implies that everything is just random and there is no order in our universe. The traditional understanding of cause and effect are jeopardized all of sudden.

However, this principle only increases my faith in God and allows me to appreciate the beauty and splendor of our universe. This principle is a like a veil that God has placed on nature. Its a limit, a barrier, a reminder to man of his limitations. A reminder of how ignorant we are and a reminder that this universe has been designed so intricately by its Creator that our limited brains will never be able fathom how it truly works. This principle is a sign that us arrogant humans need to humble ourselves and submit to God rather than rebelling against Him.