I have considered life to be about prioritizing things that are important to you. Making a list of things you value most and putting time into them based on their rank on your list. For example, one’s list might look something like this: 1) Academics 2) Health 3) Family 4) Friends etc. So based on where things are on the list, I would spend time on them respectively. So if I had an hour of spare time, I would see what’s more important to me and let’s say if it was health, I would spend that hour at the gym or if it was friends, I would go out with my friends.

I am starting to realize that might not be the way to go. First of all I am not sure if my list is justified. I don’t feel comfortable putting anything over my mother but that would imply everything else would go under her. That might mean putting maybe my best friend under my mom and that obviously isn’t fair to my best friend and I can’t do that anyways. So what I have come to realize is that life is more about balancing all the things that your prioritize or that are important to you; rather than going by list in which you rank things important to you.

Let’s say you put all of your time into academics and end up getting and A+ average. That’s a great thing but at the end of the day if it cost you your relationship with the people that care about you then why does that A+ matter. Or let’s say you value money and you put all your time working; what is the point of all of that money if it cost you your education and maybe even you relationship with the people around you. Extreme of anything is bad and it’s important to take the middle path in all cases. Balancing isn’t easy and I guess you have to put a lot of work into it. I slightly feel like a hypocrite writing all this because I myself haven’t been good at balancing things; but I guess I have to change. My mother has always tried explaining this concept to me but I did not get a hold of it until recently. Interesting how you can never understand the wisdom behind what your parents tell you until a lot later.