It sounds funny when you first read the title, but the discrimination of white people is a reality which is usually ignored. Most people think it is only coloured people that experience discrimination but white people are victims of this disease as well. Sure the issue is no where as serious as that of other coloured races but white discrimination definitely exists.


Ever wonder why there isn’t a white history month or a Caucasian awareness week? Discrimination! plus also because white people don’t care enough. Any signs of ‘white pride’ are usually interpreted as white supremacy. It’s okay for a black guy to wear a t-shirt saying ‘Proud to be Black’ but if a white guy wears a ‘Proud to be White’ t-shirt, that person would either get laughed at or would fall into the stereotypical category of ‘the ignorant white guy’. The double standards in our society are endless.


What was the last time you saw a white person working at a business run by non-white immigrants? One reason why you don’t see that often is because immigrants prefer hiring from with in the family/community to strengthen the immigrant community as it is already comprised of a lot of low income families. However, another reason for that is pure discrimination. Now I am not saying all immigrant families are racist, but a good chunk of them are; and not just to white people, sometimes even to people of the same race as them!(trust me, its true). This could be because they haven’t been raised in a multi-cultural society and therefore might not be as accepting of other races.


A lot of big corporations tend to advertise how ‘diverse’ their work force is. I personally believe they do it because it is good PR. Their company looks better this way and at the end it’s really all about making more money. Diversity translates to colour and that means that the person responsible for hiring would lean towards hiring someone who is coloured, even if there is a white person that might be better than the non-white candidate. I love multiculturalism but I don’t think race has anything to do with competency. 


At the end, I don’t believe this is a big issue; my point is that it exists and is just as wrong as discriminating black people. The reason most white people don’t bring this up is a) because they don’t even realize it b) a lot of them still feel guilty for what their ancestors have done to other races and feel bad bringing it up. ‘Collective guilt’, as Hamza Yusuf puts it, is a disease plaguing our society and we need to get rid of it.