Welcome to the Thoughts page,

Here’s a sample of what I’ve written on different themes that interest me. Skim through them and let me know what you think.

Philosophy and Religion

‘Religion divides people’- A Refutation
Irony of the Problem of Evil
Refuting the Agnostic Argument

thought experiment: our perfect world

 Ignorance: A new perspective 

Thoughts on Freedom

Current Affairs/Political Commentary

Israel and Apartheid
Houla Massacre in Syria
Sensationalizing Fukushima
David Cameron’s flawed remarks on multiculturalism
Stand with the Irvine 11
The Times They are A-Changin
What the ‘ground-zero mosque’ represents

Social Issues
Shafia Murders – A Family under psycho-spiritual crisis
 The jihad of Zainab al Khawaja
 Attacks on Christian Communities in Iraq
Double Standards: CoverED Girl
G20: How I was illegally detained at Queen/Spadina
Why people cheat…
The Facebook Catastrophe


The Little Mosque of Hope
Eid Around the World 2010
Ode to the Miners
Visiting Malcolm X Part I , Part II


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