Welcome to BloomingPeaches,

I am based out of Montreal QC, currently pursuing my doctorate in physics. I am an associate writer for MuslimMatters.org. A wide variety of topics interest me but I mainly write about Muslim minorities, politics and social issues.  Please read through my work and let me know what you think.

Waleed Ahmed


For inquires, comments and writing assignments please email bloomingpeaches@gmail.com



8 Responses to “About”

  1. cazaperuze Says:

    haha speaking of typos…you might want to take a look at where you wrote “I apologize of typos” …unless that’s one of your silly jokes =P ..in which case all the better.

  2. BloomingPeaches Says:

    ha ha … thank you for pointing that out. and no, that was not an intended joke. and why are you calling yourself cazaperuze and what happened to your blog?

  3. omninescience Says:

    I love your creative thoughts and well be checking back here from time to time.

  4. BloomingPeaches Says:

    Thanks! do come back.

  5. Amber sheikj Says:

    Salams waleed
    God bless you. Thank you for your write up on morocco –muslim matters. Wow you gave a lot of information that is needed.
    I’m a mother of 4 kids 12, 11, 7 and 1 yrs old.
    The three kids are on a track to memorize Quran with an Al azhar shaykh here in New Jersey. This summer we would like to dive into Arabic language studies as well as continue memorizing. Qalam and Subul asalam have offered us private tutoring for $25-30/ hr
    We are looking for Arabic language daily 2 hrs and Quran memorizing 1hr
    Total 15hrs weekly
    I do not want the kids to waste a ten week long summer and would like them to best use their free time. ive heard so many diff things about Arabic in morocco and how it’s so different.
    Can u advise pls if morocco is a good option for us as a family of 6. I will need housing nearby and childcare as well for baby. Sacal fez is even offering hafs Quran memorizing but qalam does not offer Quran.
    I want to be in a city where we can communicate as well as get around safely. My husband may return in between to USA. Do u think I can manage without him– is it safe. The older three kids are independent and mature for their age.
    Any advice will be appreciated.
    Thank you

    1. waleed Says:

      wasalam amber,

      good to hear you’re considering morocco for this summer. i would certainly recommend morocco as i’ve been there twice for arabic and quran and benefited greatly. also, given the conditions of the middle-east right now, its prolly the safest place to be. its more expensive to study here than egypt, but you get exposure to a whole different world. one that’s worth exploring and exposing your kids too. e.g. the group quran recitiation everyday in the mosques is enough of a reason to go there imo.

      as for safety, you need not worry. its very safe and you’ll get by fine without your husband. i know many girls who live by themselves in fes for studies or work and haven’t had any issues. having kids would make it even safer. you have to watchout for occasional catcalling and such in the streets…although tourists who aren’t dressed as conservatively usually take the brunt of it.

      anyhow, hope you go to fes and benefit there. don’t let safety be a concern as its a non-issue. let me know if you have other questions.


  6. Mohammad Says:

    Sallamu ‘alaykum Waleed
    I enjoyed reading your article regarding Morocco.
    I’ve a question wandering though, regarding visa, do you have to apply for a “student visa” or can you go inside Morocco and use the tourist visa?
    JazaakAllahu khayraa

  7. Waleed Ahmed Says:

    wasalam…you can just go with a tourist visa which is valid for 3 months.

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